Border Collie

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Originally bred as a herding dog in the border region between England and Scotland, the Border Collie has become a mainstay at Sheepdog trials and a beloved pet. Because these are determined, highly intelligent pups with boundless energy and stamina, consider these traits before getting a Border Collie puppy or looking into Border Collie adoption. The Border Collie personality could be described as obsessive. This dog is also arguably one of the smartest of all dog breeds, and the Border Collie temperament isn’t for everyone. This is a very active, athletic dog that needs a lot of exercise, and boredom may increase their urge to bark.

A Border Collie is best given a job to do, or they may find themselves getting into all kinds of trouble. Bred to control herds of sheep with their hypnotic stares and light nips, the Border Collie is something of a workaholic. Like most herders, this breed loves to chase cars, bikes and other moving objects. The Border Collie may also try to herd kids and the family cat, and could prove to be dangerous to pets and people smaller than themselves. Families with young children might want to consider another breed, as the dog tends to nip to make kids (or others) move. However, since working dogs often herd in teams, typically Border Collies get along with other dogs, and older kids may be able to help work out this breed’s high energy demands.

Overall, Border Collies are good family dogs and affectionate with those they know, though they tend to be reserved with strangers.

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