Great Dane

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Huge in stature as well as heart, the Great Dane is appropriately referred to as a gentle giant. Bred for hunting and keeping guard over German nobility, Great Danes have found new roles as beloved companions, family guardians and service dogs. Available in a variety of color combinations, the Great Dane is a large dog (the average Great Dane height can reach 32 inches!) with an even bigger personality. Despite the breed’s imposing appearance, the Great Dane temperament is friendly. Great Danes typically have dependable and spirited personalities, and are sociable, mild-mannered and easy-going dogs. They want to be with their people and often don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. Despite their great size, Great Danes love to play—and sit on laps—and if you’re wondering if Great Danes are good with kids, know that they can make wonderful pets for families with children able to handle the size of these companions.

While Great Danes love the children in their own family, they may be suspicious of the neighborhood kids and other strangers. Guarding and protectiveness varies between lines of dogs, with some being quite skittish and others very friendly to everyone they meet. Fearful and nervous dogs may be prone to aggression, including acceptance of other dogs. But well-bred Great Danes, and those socialized early, are patient, lumbering lovebugs devoted to their people.

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