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You have to love a dog who has their own motto —in Latin, no less!—“multum in parvo,” which means “a lot in a little.” And that’s what the Pug dog breed is in a nutshell: Pugs are little love-bugs whose wrinkled brows, flat Pug noses and big, round eyes give them almost human expressions.

Once beloved by royalty, the Pug remains a popular pooch today. One reason: These sweet-natured dogs can adapt to all sorts of environments—urban studio dwellings or country estates, young or old pet parents, large families or small.

The Pug is essentially a clown in dog form. From their fun-loving Pug personality to their adorably wrinkled faces, Pugs are the embodiment of charming entertainers. They’re always ready to play with their people, but the contented Pug is also a willing couch potato when it’s time to relax.

Based on their comical appearance, it’s easy to question if Pugs are smart, but they truly are clever dogs who don’t always get the credit they deserve for their intelligence. Though they’re not bred to perform a job (outside of a steadfast companion), Pugs are quick witted and capable of mastering basic training. They can be mischievous and stubborn, but their loving nature makes up for their occasionally ascendant personality.

Because they’re affectionate and playful, the Pug dog breed is a great family dog. They’re generally tolerant with children, making them a great addition for families that know how to play hard then chill out.

A Pug’s flat face means the little dog is capable of a variety of unusual noises. From wheezy breathing to snoring to occasional barking, life with a Pug is usually a symphony of sounds.

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