America Bandana (TP)

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America Bandana for your pet.
Show everyone how much your pet loves america.

There are American flag elements which all can be worn to make your pet dog more cute,handsome,attractive and become the center in dogs in many occasions,such as parties,weddings. The item is soft and friendly to the skin of your pets.After they wear it,they can feel very comfortable and feel warm. With the characteristics of smooth grinding,the product is so beautiful and fashion that the item is very popular.

At the aspect of cleaning,you do not need to worry too much.You just wash it as usual,and it will not spend too much time of you. The material is non-toxic fabric,so the item will not be bad for you and your pet.

Size:48*48*70cm / 19*27.55"

Type: Fireworks, Lollipop, Paws, Red stripes with star, blue white and red stripes


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