Cat Scratching Post

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HEALTHY SCRATCHING - This KITTEN or small CAT scratching tree uses one robust scratching posts, entwined with natural Sisal (a natural product) , ideal to keep the kitty interested time and time again. It’s designed to provide maximum comfort and safe place to play!

BRINGS OUT THE NATURAL INSTINCTS - It has 2 fun toys that hang playfully (a fluffy mouse and a ball) and attracts your frisky felines for hours of entertainment. Each toy on this scratching post encourages kittens to be active and alert. This scratcher engages kitty's in multiple levels of play, making it both useful and amusing bringing out their natural instincts!

ROBUST DESIGN- This quality scratching tree post is made with natural Sisal rope materials for a safe and functional vertical design, providing a healthy way for your kitty to scratch which should prevent your other furniture from being damaged.