Heart luxury collar

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Each Cat Collar Comes With It's Own Bell, To Scare Off Potential Prey & Reducing the Chances of Your Furry Friend Returning Home With An Unpleasant Gift for You (Mice, Rats, Birds etc).

Polished durable metal buckle and Jeweled in the Charm heart cat collar make lovely cat and puppy stand out, more attractive and elegant looking.

Cat collar the bell is not super loud and annoying, but it is the perfect little jingle so that you know where your pet is and what they are up to quickly. You can add a cute little charm to the ring where the bell is if you'd like to dress up your little furry friend, too.

Metal hardware has been firmly welded and dull rounded at corners, cat collar comfortable to wear and uneasy to get cat hair into knots and matts.

The cat collar has an easy to adjust strap made from high quality, durable, soft and skin-friendly fabric. Soft material, make your pet feel more comfortabl.