Interactive treat dispenser

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2-IN-1 INTERACTIVE FOOD DISPENSING DOG TOY --- Give your best friend a taste of play time in every meal time with IQ Treat Ball Toy by SunGrow. Very attractive in its green color, your dogs will be able to develop healthy eating habits as they “work” for their rewards after an active play of rolling the ball. The transparent part lets your pet see through the treats inside and attracts them towards this egg-shaped food ball instantly.

 PROMOTES BETTER DIGESTION & PREVENTS OBESITY --- Special ‘Slow - Feeding’ inner structure controls the eating speed of your pets. Your naturally competitive and fast eating dogs get to take only what has been falling out as they roll the ball. This results in slow feeding which eliminates gas, and improves digestion.

IMPROVES PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH --- Since food is not easily being served on a silver platter, your pooch will be able to break a sweat. He will be able to use its eye-paw coordination to play and rock the ball as he eats taking both physical & mental capabilities into full use. This helps improve intelligence and is an effective IQ training tool.

REDUCES BOREDOM --- This Intellitoy by SunGrow helps eliminate boredom and other unwanted behaviour like destructive chewing. This is a perfect healthy diversion with their favorite activities such as hunting, running & chasing.

CREATES BOND AND PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT --- Made from pet-safe, and durable plastic material and measures 4” (diameter) x 4.5” (height), you can always play “Throw & Catch” with your furry pet and never make him feel lonely again. Create bonding moments more often to strengthen your relationship.