Nail Caps

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Not affect the normal expansion and contraction of the dog and cat, Majority of dogs can adapt quickly

Simple, Soft skin care , No hurt to your dog

Protect homes against destructive scratching by applying Soft Claws Nail Caps to kittens nails

Each dog's body size has individual differences. The size table is a general average wearing standard, which varies from dog to dog. If the dog's weight is on the cutoff point, it is recommended to choose the larger size, choose larger or smaller of. If the nail cover is slightly larger, you can cut the opening and use it.

XS size Suitable for pets of 0.5-2.5 kg (within 5 kg).

S size Suitable for pets of 2.5-5.0 kg (5-10 kg).

M size Suitable for pets of 5.0-7.5 kg (10-15 kg) ·

L size Suitable for pets of 7.5-10 kg (15-20 kg).

XL Suitable for pets of 10-15 kg (20-30 kg).

XXL size Suitable for 15-25 kg (30-50 kg) pets.