Selfie stick

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GET THE PERFECT PHOTO OF YOUR PET: Struggling to get the perfect shot of your pet or trying to take a photo with your animal? This clean & simple design selfie tool will have your dog or cat looking picture-perfect, ready to be shared with family and friends.

UNIVERSAL FIT + WITH CASE ON: This cell phone attachment is compatible on all smartphones and tablets, even when a case is on (tested on very large cases). Works with front & back cameras. Easily clips and removed without damaging the screen or screen protector. Portable and easy to carry for convenient use.

GOOD QUALITY, DURABLE, STIFF AND SECURE: This selfie stick is made of high quality and durable plastic. The clip will hold most size treats (up to 1” thick) tightly, while remaining smooth on the screen but stiff for a perfect portrait of your fluffy best friend.

GETS DOG’S ATTENTION - FULLY CAPTIVATED: This pet selfie extension is guaranteed to captivate your pup and get him engaged to look directly at the camera with NO EFFORT! Camera shy and untrained animals will stay focused, as we know they just want to eat! Strengthen the bond with your pet now!