Suction cup toy

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The suction cup dog toy is made of food grade TPR rubber material, which is environmentally friendly and soft. It includes ball, suction cup and rope. It has good elasticity, softness, lightness, biting resistance and wear resistance.

This suction cup dog toy combines the functions of interactive toy, tooth cleaning and tooth grinding, which is multifunctional. Your pet won't bite sofas and other furniture anymore, because suction cup dog toy can successfully focus the dog's attention on destroying ball rope toys. And can make the dog do more exercise, stimulate its hunting instinct, can better train the agility of pets, keep their health.

This suction cup dog toy can be a cleaning toy for dogs. It can improve the dog's bad breath and periodontitis, solve the dog's calculus, tartar and bad breath problems. The suction cup dog toy is designed with soft serrated rubber, which can remove food residue from teeth and help keep teeth clean and fresh.

When you throw the ball to the ground, the suction cup dog toy will pop up, which is suitable for playing outdoors, in the yard, at home or in the park. This kind of chewing toy can attract the dog's attention very well. It will be more attractive than other ordinary ball or rope toys. It can make your dog concentrate on playing for several hours or even longer. Avoid them to bite shoes and furniture and other items, causing unnecessary damage to them.